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WHAT’S UP Physical NETbots

  • Sat 2614:00-15:00
  • Sun 2716:00-18:00
MC 3,4
WHAT’S UP Physical NETbots

Theoretically, this workshop addressed to those who have concerns about critical Interfaces, new media cultural politics and non-conformism towards the Internet data management, especially tracking Web site location and Web site analysis, design homogenization and GUI standards.

Practically, focuses on basic circuit development, welding and the ensamble of BEAM robotics –a type of stands for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. These physical NETBots work by taking the human body capacitance as input, through conductive material, and interacts with another graphical interface on capacitive surfaces like touch-screens.

Free admission, please note limited spaces available.

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César Escudero Andaluz (ES)

César Escudero Andaluz is an artist and researcher focused on Human-Computer Interaction, interface criticism, digital culture and its social and political effects. His work spans image-making, sculpture, videogame, installation, networked culture, IoT, robotics, media archaeology. Since 2011 he is researching at the Kunstuniversität Linz in Interface Culture LAB. His artworks have been shown in international electronic-art events, museums, galleries and conferences including ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER (at) /ZKM (de) ISMAR2015 (jp) / WRO2015 (pl) / TRANSNUMERIQUES (fr) / HANGAR. ORG (sp) / KIKK (be)/ ROME MEDIA ART FESTIAL (it)/ ADAF (gr).